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i read so many review about the side effects about the pill and i started to get scared just becase i am so young and i lost 5 pounds with the pill and i only weigh 102 well i was not eating at all with the pill the food was making me sick so i was scared to get addicted to the pill and scared to get off of it cause i thought my god the panic attacks are gonna come back but i had to leave the pill for 3days i took 2mg of the paxil and then got of the pill i have 1 one week already off the pill and no side effects at all my panic attacks come but i am trying to control them on my own just breath in and think positive i am doing great without the pill i dont need it now and will contine to control my attacks on my own like everyone should do i know how it feels because i felt like crap but guys online think possitive and breath and think about something else.

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